Dairy Free

Esther has been making her delicious range of dairy free ice creams and fruit sorbets since 1991. Originally sold under the “Candy & Cream” brand name, they have been Melbourne’s favourite kosher ice creams for many years now. They are currently produced under the brand name “Frootz”.

The secret of their popularity is the purity of their ingredients and Esther’s amazing ice creaming skill. The Frootz sorbet range are constantly ordered by kosher caterers for serving at weddings, bar mitzvas/bat mitzvas, other simchas and corporate functions. If you enjoyed the fruit sorbet dessert at the last kosher function that you attended, chances are it was ours.

With over 90% pure fruit and no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or additives of any sort, its no wonder that everyone loves them! Served on their own, or together with fresh fruit, they are a delicious way to give a burst of natural colour and flavour to a special occasion or to turn a weekday dinner into one!
Popular flavours include: Mango, Strawberry, Raspberry, Passionfruit, Forest Berry Blend, Kiwifruit and Lemon.
Often imitated but never replicated, if you want the best, make sure to get Frootz!