Rishon Foods is proud to have been Australia’s largest kosher supermarket from 1971 until 2020. Owned and managed by the same family for the last 25 years, we are pleased to have been able to supply Australia’s widest variety of kosher groceries from Australia and around the world.

As the saying goes, “all things come to an end” and so too has our shop. Rishon Foods has now ceased trading and we currently have no plans to reopen in another location. For all your kosher grocery requirements, we recommend that you shop at one of the other specialty kosher shops. Only the small independent specialty stores will provide the variety and service that you deserve. To our large community of vegan customers, we suggest that many of the specialty items which brought you to Rishon Foods may be found at other kosher grocery shops too.

Our heartfelt thanks to all of our customers both large and small, who over the years have loyally supported our business and in turn, supported our family. We have always known that you could have chosen to do your shopping anywhere and we certainly appreciate the support that you gave to us! It has been our privilege to provide you with your kosher groceries for so many years and we look forward to our next chapter.

May God Almighty bless you all with good health, peace and happiness.

The Management and staff of Rishon Foods.